Timetables, routes & fares


Borough Green Rail Station to Tunbridge Wells Rail Station

Monday to Friday School Days Only
Borough Green & Wrotham, Rail Stn 0712
Ightham, George & Dragon 0717
Plaxtol, Church 0725
Plaxtol, Spoute 0727
Shipbourne, Church 0736
Trench Wood, Whistler Rd 0742
Cage Green, The Pinnacles (Stop A) 0745
Tonbridge, Castle 0753
Tonbridge, Rail Stn 0757
Bidborough, Corner 0804
Southborough, The Fountain 0807
Tunbridge Wells, Cross Keys Inn (Boys Grammar Sch) 0811
Tunbridge Wells, Skinners Sch 0815
Tunbridge Wells, St Johns Church (Bennett Memorial Sch) 0819
Tunbridge Wells, War Memorial 0824
Tunbridge Wells, Rail Stn 0828

Tunbridge Wells Rail Station to Borough Green Rail Station

Monday to Friday School Days Only
Tunbridge Wells, St John's Rd/Woodbury Pk Rd 1550
Tunbridge Wells, Culverden Down (Bennett Memorial Sch) 1552
Tunbridge Wells, Beltring Rd (Skinners Sch) 1555
Tunbridge Wells, Cross Keys Inn (Boys Grammar Sch) 1557
Southborough, Fountain 1602
Bidborough, Corner 1605
Tonbridge, Rail Stn 1610
Tonbridge, Castle 1614
Cage Green, The Pinnacles 1618
Trench Wood, Whistler Rd 1622
Shipbourne, Church 1630
Plaxtol, Spoute 1640
Plaxtol, Church 1645
Ightham, George & Dragon 1654
Borough Green & Wrotham, Rail Stn 1702


Mapping provided by traveline south east & anglia. For information about other operators’ services, please go to www.travelinesoutheast.org.uk

Off-Peak Fares:

Available Standard Tickets - Adult Single / Return / 7 Day / 10 Trip

                                               - Child Single / Return / 7 Day 10 Trip

Go-Anywhere - £7.20 Day / £30 Weekly (Travel on any GO bus around our network)

Discovery Ticket - £9.00 Adult / £7.20 Child / £17.50 Family (Sold and Accepted by all operators in Kent. Excluding TfL Services)

Sevenoaks Local  - £12 10 Trip / £4 Day Ticket - Tunbridge Wells Local - £15 10 Trip / £4 Day Ticket

Arriva Excess Fare - Use your Arriva ticket on one of our buses as long as Go and Arriva follow the same path for 50p

Peak-Time Fares:

Maximum Standard Fares - £5.00 Single / £5.50 Return

Connected Kent & Medway Smartcard Fares - £2.10 Full Journey / £1.30 Local Journey

go2School Flexi-Ticket - £25.00 Full Journey / £15.00 Local Journey

Peak-Time services are those that operate to/from/via a school. These services are available for any member of the public to use

Passes we accept:

ENCTS Concessionary Pass:


Accepted on all services Monday to Friday after 09:30, Saturday and Sunday. £1 Early Bird fare available Monday to Friday before 09:30.

Available from Kent County Council

Kent County Council - Young Persons Travel Pass:


Accepted on all services Monday to Friday between 06:00 to 19:00. £1 Young Persons Early Bird fare available outside of this time.

Scholar passes are only available on peak journeys Monday to Friday to/from a School. £1 Young Persons Early Bird available on other journeys.

Available from Kent County Council

Connected Kent & Medway Smart Card:


Accepted on all services. This Smart Card grants cheaper tickets on Peak-Time journeys to/from a school.

This pay-as-you-go card can be topped-up on-board our buses, from Sevenoaks Bus Station and automatically if bought online by selecting auto-topup.

Available from Kent County Council, any major Kent Libary or Online at: kentconnected.org