What is Go2 and how can I get more information?

Go2 is our new shared transport initiative to better aid those who cannot use the bus, such as the bus not serving their area, or not operating at the required times. To request a Go2, all you have to do is; download our app "Go2 Sevenoaks" from the App Store or Play Store, Sign up on the app, an start travelling. If you have any questions or problems, please visit our Go2 website or contact our Go2 on 01732 463 964.

How can I get a KCC Travel Saver Pass or KCC 16+ Travel Saver Pass?

You need to click on the link below. If you live in a Kent Post Code area, you should be able to purchase this option for school day travel. Outside of school time, we offer subsidised travel on our network by presenting your YPTP to the driver and paying £1. The pass is administered entirely by Kent County Council. Please make note of the registration periods as a late application may result in you incurring travel costs when everyone else is using their new passes!


How can I get a Kent & Medway Connected Smartcard?

You need to click on the link below. Anyone can get one of these passes! The scheme is again administered by Kent County Council, but the pass works like a London Oyster Card. The pass offers young commuters (to and from school) discounted travel over those paying a cash fare. For parents, it’s peace of mind that the card can be automatically topped-up so there’s no need for your children to carry cash to school.

For the adults amongst us, as we never carry cash and we’re not yet able to accept contactless payments, this Smartcard is a handy card to have in your wallet or purse!


Can I pay cash on the bus?

Yes. We still accept cash on all our buses. Our drivers carry a basic float but, if they are out of change and you need to travel, our drivers can offer a Change Voucher. This can be redeemed via payment on future tickets or exchanged for cash at Sevenoaks Bus Station.

Our ticket machines do not currently accept ‘contactless payments’ although this is something we are investigating but is something that would require massive investment. Watch this space!

Can dogs travel on the bus?

Yes, provided your pooch is well behaved, on a lead or in a carry box. Dogs must never travel on the seats.

Trained assistance dogs are carried free of charge on every bus.

Can I bring a bike on the bus?

Folding bikes, small children’s bikes or a scooter can be carried, provided it fits in the luggage rack. However, our buses are not insured or designed to carry larger bikes.

What happens if I witness crime / bullying on the bus?

Thankfully this type of behaviour is rare on our buses!

If you experience or witness this kind of behaviour on one of our buses, please alert the driver in the first instance and then report the matter to the Police.

When drivers are aware of any incidents, they can contact our Management Team for investigation and resolving.

We support Kent Police / KCC Travel Saver Pass Team / KCC Public Transport with investigations of poor behaviour on our buses.

Why is it so hot on the bus in the summer and why no Air-Con?

The simple answer is because it’s hot outside and like in your home, you feel the heat when you’re inside too. Unlike your home, our buses have a large number of windows in a confined area, which results in them heating up quickly. We specify ‘forced air ventilation’ on our buses to keep the fresh ambient air moving through the bus, which prevents the air becoming too close and stagnant. This works in the same way as a fan in your house or office. However, if the ambient temperature is 30˚C then that will be the temperature of the air being circulated. This may feel to a customer that the air is being heated but it isn’t (other than by the sun!).

Air conditioning isn’t a feature we consider ‘necessary’ for environmental, economic and practical reasons. Just as in a car, air conditioning takes a substantial amount of energy out of the engine. The power needed to provide air conditioning in the customer area of our largest buses we use would be so great that a larger engine and bigger wheels would be needed to cope with the extra weight. This would consume more fuel and generate greater emissions. As our British summer impacts barely a few weeks of the year (a good year!) it’s neither economically or environmentally viable to upgrade our fleet.

Practically the effects would be limited in any case. Given our vehicles stop regularly and open their doors frequently, cooler air would leave the bus and be replaced by the hotter external air.

How can I find / retrieve lost property?

Firstly, please ensure you know which Route Number the property is lost on! Please email us at info@go-coach.co.uk or if the item is critical, please call us on 01732 469800. Please bear in mind the bus may not have reached a point that is safe for us to check at the time of your enquiry! All property should be collected from us at Sevenoaks Bus Station / Otford Garage / Swanley Garage.